Thursday, April 17, 2008

Construction of a wooden playset - Day 7

The finale!

Todd was working 2nd shift on Wednesday the 16th, so he spent the morning/afternoon finishing the swing set portion of our project. Will was thrilled beyond words to have the project completed.

Here's Todd moving sod again to get this section level.

Adding the floor for the tunnel.

Will helping daddy set the screws for the floor. Don't worry, I had a death grip on his butt when he was doing this. You just can't see me. LOL

Todd inside the tunnel securing it in place.

I see you, daddy!

Helping daddy install the crow's nest railings.

Almost finished

Victory over the completed project.

The finished playset in all it's glory.

Enjoying the finished product. Lucas came over to play the next day and was teaching Will how to swing on his belly. LOL Jay and Lisa next door have since given us their infant/toddler swing so that we can push Will w/o worrying about him falling out.

It's now Sunday night and we ended up having nearly every child in the neighborhood on the swingset between Wednesday and Saturday. We ended up with a great impromptu party in the backyard on Friday night. We ordered pizza, drank beers and wine and had about 15 kids playing in the yard. It was a great time.


Ashley said...

What an awesome swing set!! I wish we lived closer so we could have playdates!

Michaela said...

Me, too!! Will and Dallas would have so much fun! And you and I could sit in the shade w/ Phoebe. :)