Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What a wonderful weekend

Oh how I love my son.......but, boy oh boy, how I loved our free weekend, too. :)
Friday after Mom's Group, I loaded Will up in the car and headed towards Chattanooga. We stopped along the way and picked up Todd for lunch. We enjoyed Ruby Tuesday and dropped daddy back off.
About 20 minutes after we were back on the road, Will announced he needed to pee and poop. So, we stopped at a Wendy's in Cleveland, TN and he did both. I was so proud of him. Then....back on the road we went.

We met my parents just outside of Chattanooga and made the transfer. I loaded his suitcase, some toys, the bed rail and potty into my mom's car and waved good-bye to my little boy.
Sweet, sweet freedom. LOL
The drive home went so quickly. I got home and took a nice, long, hot bath. I brought the laptop in the bathroom and turned iTunes up really loudly while I got ready. When Todd came home from work I was getting ready in the bathroom with a glass of wine and dancing along to the music. If you'd told either one of us that getting ready in the bathroom, listening to music and having a drink would turn me back into being "me", I don't know we would have believed you.
We both dressed up - I even wore heels - and headed out for the night. We saw a movie and then went out to eat afterwards. We came home and spent some quality time together.

Saturday morning was Heavenly. We woke up when we were ready to and snuggled in the bed. Saturday afternoon we did whatever we wanted - ran errands, went out to lunch, went shopping together. We even went to the boat dealer for a while to visit the guy that sold us our boat. We even ordered me my very own wakeboard for this summer.
We headed home to shower and get ready for our next night out. I dressed up again and even wore a new pair of 3 inch red heels. :) We went out to a local bar/wing place for dinner. Then we headed downtown for the hockey game. We had a blast watching the game, people watching and just laughing and having a good time.
Sunday we spent the day wandering around the real estate market - always a favorite past time of ours. Then we had an early dinner at Lakeside before coming home. Todd worked in the garage for a few hours on a project and I spent a long time soaking in the tub.

What a wonderful, wonderful weekend. We both really enjoyed reconnecting.

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