Tuesday, February 3, 2009

33 week appointment

After spending most of yesterday at the hospital, I was NOT in the mood to head back today for my regularly scheduled appt. But, any chance for an ultrasound is a good thing.
Had my weight checked first - the 4 lbs I gained last week were lost again this week. So I'm still up 3 lbs total. Off to the ultrasound - it was a quick one, but it was still great to see the little guy. Fluid, movement, respiration and placenta all looked good.
Then we headed over for the NST. And of course, the little man fell asleep. So I had to repeat the test twice before he was active enough to get a good reading on it.
I was able to see the doctor afterwards. He said that things look good and everything is still on track. He confirmed what yesterday's doctor told me - don't stress the contractions unless they are stronger or more painful than yesterday.
He also said that this last month or so is the most important time for me to control my blood sugar closely. The baby's pancreas will start functioning soon and he'll take over regulating his blood sugar. So keeping my sugar steady and level will help him regulate his and will helpe to ease his transition when he's born - which will hopefully mean we won't have to supplement.
The doctor also said that he's excited about my lack of weight gain. He said as long as I'm eating healthy and getting enough calories - he doesn't care if I lose weight or gain it. He said that if I control my sugars really well and eat extra healthy (but not diet, of course) over the next 6 weeks, I'll likely deliver below my pre-preg weight. That makes me happy!! I'll be well on the way back to the old me after this baby is born!

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