Saturday, February 7, 2009

Closing in on 34 weeks

This isn't an official "belly picture" since it was taken on Friday, but it's two days shy of 34 weeks. As I mentioned in one of my last posts, I had dropped a few lbs back down again after gaining them. This week has been particulary stressful and I don't know if it's the stress or maybe a touch of a stomach bug, but I've managed to misplace a few more pounds. Okay, like 6 lbs.

According to my home scale, I'm back to weighing 6 lbs less than I did the day I found out I was pregnant with this little troublemaker. I'm trying to remember how much weight I had gained during my pregnancy with Will by this point. It was close to 30 lbs. So, it's logical to assume that I may have lost an actual 25-30 lbs of my own weight along with the weight gained during the pregnancy. It makes me anxious to see how much weight is going to fall away after this baby is born. I know with Will, all my pregnancy weight was gone in about 3 weeks.

Between the dark hair (which I have become QUITE attached to), the glasses and the much thinner overall appearance, I think I look pretty damn good. Even in this picture in a casual t-shirt and not a stitch of makeup. I feel my confidence in myself coming back again.
And yes, you will notice in the background that my bathtub has 2x4's surrounding it instead of tile. We're in the middle of a bit of a construction project right now. :) The white tiles are gone (minus what you can still see on the walls around the tub) and 12 inch polished marble tiles will soon be surrounding the tub. I can't wait to see it all finished.

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