Monday, February 16, 2009

Busy week and time to reconnect

It's going to be a busy week this week - and of course, they've closed school for half the week, so that just throws a wrench in things. Isn't that always the way? I don't even know why they've closed schools this time. It's always something, isn't it? is my day to make sure the house is caught up and ready to go for the week. Thankfully, we got a lot done on the house on Saturday before having company, so it's mostly just a few things that need to be done today. Tonight Todd and I have an appointment, so we'll be dropping Will off at a friend's house to play while we're gone. So, housework and appts today.

Tuesday - no school - funny how that works out. I sure am glad I arrange my OB appointments during the 10 hours a week Will is at school. Now I need to ask someone to watch Will tomorrow so I can go to the doctor. Todd's at the base tomorrow night, so it'll be "single mom" day for me, anyway.

Wednesday I'm watching Will's best friend in the morning - hopefully that'll lead to them occupying each other and not behaving like gladiators needing referees. LOL With those two, you never know.
Thursday I have another appointment. It's down at UT and should be pretty interesting. I'll keep what it's about under wraps for now, but it should be pretty eye opening and interesting. Thankfully, Will is actually going to be at school - so no childcare arrangements need to be made. I believe Todd's planning on being at the base again that night, too.
Friday is the big day. Hooray!! In addition to my regular Friday morning activity of going to Mom's group - but Will and I are making the drive to Chattanooga. While Todd's at work on Friday, I'm delivering Will and a suitcase to my parents - who are meeting me 1/2 way between here and Atlanta.
This is our big break. Todd and I have never had a weekend alone without Will at home. Sure, we've been on trips (one vacation and a couple of weddings, etc) where we've been away alone since he was born. And those have been really nice. But this weekend is going to be different. We're going to be home. Alone. Together. Sleeping in our own bed and waking up whenever we want to and staying in bed for as long as we want.

This is going to be our last chance to spend a little alone time together for a while. We're looking forward to reconnecting, bonding and just having fun. We both feel like we haven't taken the time to do the fun things together that we used to do. We're looking foward to going out on Friday night and Saturday night and just having a good time together again.

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Enjoy your mini getaway!!