Friday, July 25, 2008

The saga of the big boy room

I'm torn between excitement and extreme fear. I want to move Will into his big boy room. But the idea of taking him out of the crib scares the pants off of me. I know there will be a bedtime fight every night and he's liable to quit napping, too. But at the same time, I know he'll be really excited with the transition.

I already have his bedding for his big boy room purchased and I have furniture picked out. I even have some wall hangings/pictures/decor for what I want to do in his room.

Here's the bedding.

Here's the furniture that I've picked out that I really, really want.

I want to get a wooden airplane propeller to hang over his bed.

I just don't know what color I want to paint his walls. Red? Camel? Blue?

We've gone back and forth on where Will's big boy room is going to be. We finally decided on our current guest room. We figure between my parents moving up here and Todd's parents saying that they were going to start staying in a hotel after we have another child, our guest room just isn't going to get used that often anymore. So we decided to give Will the largest bedroom and move the guest room to the smallest.

So the other night I got a wild notion and decided to switch the junk in the spare room with the furniture in the guest room. The new guest room still needs to be painted brown (just like the old guest room), have the pictures/plates hung on the walls and the curtains moved from the other room. But for the most part, our new guest room is complete.

Here's the before on the spare room - it'd become a junk pit for the last several months. But hey, shut the door and it's out of sight, out of mind.

Here's the new guest room. I actually got everything moved in just a few hours. Dang that treadmill was a biotch to get down the hall by myself.

Here's the current junk/exercise/scrapbook/craft room that will soon become Will's room. What will become of everything in the room? I don't know - we have completely run out of storage space in this house and there's nowhere for everything to go. I think there's a huge purge in our future.

All of the stuff between the table and the chest of drawers is going in the attic really soon. I just don't have the nerve/ability to get it all up into the attic right now by myself. Todd'll have to do that when he gets back from OK. (In only 3 more weeks)

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