Tuesday, July 22, 2008

June was a month of visitors

Where did the summer go? I was so dedicated to blogging and posting pictures regularly and then bam - it's been nearly two months. I guess it's the hot weather - it makes us forget to do things.

June was a month of visitors. :)

June kicked off with a visit from Nana and Grandpa. Will had so much fun with them. We of course, spent as much time at the lake as possible. While Nana and Grandpa were visiting, they bought Will a slip and slide. Also known as a "sit in the end of the slip and slide" LOL

Will had a few firsts while they were visiting - his first time swimming w/o someone holding him (with his life jacket, of course), his first time jumping in the pool and going all the way under water (still with his life jacket) and his first time riding on the tube. He's growing up so quickly. Todd says he'll have him waterskiing by next summer.

After Todd's parents left, our friend Brian came to stay for the weekend. Much more boating commenced. This time, without pictures.

Next we celebrated Father's Day and Todd's birthday. Todd was blown away by his Father's Day gift. Especially when he found out just how many dang pictures I had to take of Will to get a handful of decent ones - the answer being well over 200 pictures.

After that Todd left for Wisconsin for a week of TDY. While he was gone, he missed our 11th wedding anniversary on the 28th. Par for the course for the Air Force, so I don't even get mad anymore. LOL

While Todd was gone, some good friends of mine stopped for a visit on their way to FL for their family vacation. Will and I had so much fun with Kelly, Tonya and the kiddos.

Emma pushing Will on the swing

Will with Emma and Mallory

My little ladies man making a move on Mal

Tonya and I

All 3 of us (how lucky am I???)

Kelly - the man, the myth, the legend and I - LOL

Kelly making friends with Will

Never let your friend's teenage son use your camera. LOL WTG, Skylar!

Todd, Will and I met up with Tonya, Kelly and the kids again on their way back through town. We met them at the Cracker Barrel for dinner. More fun pictures to follow soon. ;)

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