Monday, May 12, 2008


This post will have to continually be updated as I remember more and more funny things this kid says. He cracks me up all the time these days. He'll get fixated on something we've done or something he's seen and he'll talk about it for weeks. Laughing

Here are a few off the top of my head....

"Will put hand in water, Will touch a ray" We took him to the Aquarium of the Smokies in Feb and he's still talking about it. And for the record - he was scared of the rays and refused to actually put his hand in the water. LOL

"Will ride Ta Train (Thomas) on him tracks!" We took Will to the Day out with Thomas in Chattanooga 2 weeks ago (see blog with pictures). Also he'll say "Will have 1 ticket ride Ta Train!"

We went on the boat a few weeks ago and he's still talking about that, too. "Will push Daddy in water" "Daddy fall off boat" "Daddy drive boat all fast".

Then when we got back to the marina, he got to feed dog food to the carp. ICK - they have a bag of dog food there just for feeding the nasty things. I told Will they were icky-nasty. "Will feed dog food to icky fish" "Will jump in water with icky fish" "Mommy puke Will jump in icky fish" I told him I'd throw up if he fell in. LOL

They had a petting zoo at the Thomas's day out. Will wouldn't pet or feed the animals (of course). Now he's telling everyone "baby goat bit me" "big sheep scared me" "big sheep eat Drew". My brother, Andrew, wasn't even there. LOL

I was visiting with a friend when we were in Atlanta. I was holding the friend's 4 month old. "Baby GET OFF MY MOMMY!!!" He did NOT like me holding baby Abby.

Last week we were in the car ad I smashed my finger while putting the car in park (WTF?). He said "Mommy hurt, Will kiss it all better". Melted me - so I responded with "Will, you are so sweet, I love you SO MUCH!" and he responded with "Will love Mommy SO MUCH, TOO!" I like to have died right there on the spot. Now that's his new thing - "Will love mommy so (pronounced "oh") much.

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