Monday, May 12, 2008

It's berry pickin' time

I decided for Mother's Day that I wanted to go to Maple Lane Farms and pick strawberries. Last year we had a really bad freeze in April, so we never went. I was so happy to go and pick berries.

Okay, Daddy let's go!

Only it rained all night Saturday night and Sunday morning. So, let's just say the strawberry patch was a bit muddy. Okay, it was abandon your shoes that now weigh 30 lbs and walk in the muck, sucking between your toes muddy. It was great! LOL You can see the mud all over my feet already - and we'd just gotten there.

Will DID not and I repeat DID NOT like the mud at first. He fell one time while he was already angry that there was mud on his shoes. Then he had mud on one of his hands. This pissed him off.

One we lost the shoes, we were doing a lot better.

Will wandered down to the end of the row to check out the standing water.

Todd's "artistic" strawberry pictures - as he calls them.

I told you it was muddy!

Todd and I picked strawberries - while Will ate as many as he could stuff in his mouth. LOL

11 pounds of strawberries, $17 and 3 sets of muddy feet and one trashed newspaper later, we headed back home.

On the way there, we passed a lots of farm animals, cows, horses, goats and even some donkeys. We had to stop and snap a few pictures of the donkeys. One of them started braying at us. Will covered his eyes because it was so loud and it scared him. Then he spent the rest of the day "Hee-hawing" like a donkey.

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