Monday, May 12, 2008

Braves vs. The Reds

While I was in Atlanta because Heather was home from China, we went to a Braves game. There's nothing better than baseball on a Sunday afternoon - unless it's baseball on a Sunday afternoon while Grammy and Pop are babysitting and you're drinking beer and getting sunburned with your best friend. Well, I drank beer.


Good seats, eh? LOL

I was excited to get to see Glavine pitch. :)

Hello, hottie aka Jeff Francoeuer

Final score - Braves 14; Reds 7! Woot!

After we got back to my parent's house, Will got to spend some time with his "Hebber". He was so happy to see her - until we explained that baby Grace was in Heather's tummy. That freaked him out and he wouldn't talk to her or look at her after that for a while.

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