Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Rockin' the Docks - Memorial Day 2008

We took the boat out on Saturday for Rockin' the Docks down in Lenoir City. We started out by going to Praeter Flats for awhile to anchor before heading down to the dam. Will and Todd did a little swimming - with the water being 73, you can bet your bottom dollar that my bottom stayed in the boat.

We now know that Will's not afraid to jump off the boat, either. :)

After the boys got their fill of swimming, we pulled up the anchor and headed down to the dam. The drive took less than 20 minutes and cost about $12. Dang gas prices.

It was still pretty crowded, so the high gas prices at the docks aren't keeping too many people away.

The neighbors all decided for various reasons not to go this year. We called a couple folks from the base and didn't hear from them, either. We ended up cruising around to find some people to tie up with. Steve's friends, Scott, Red and Howard were all out in their boats, so we ended up tying up with them.

Will got the biggest kick out of the boats names. When we told him Howard's Carver three-sixty SS was named "More Than Pickles" Will laughed and laughed. He kept saying "big boat's name Pickles".

Once we were situated, it was time to fire up the grill. Lawdy, that Weber Q is worth it's weight in gold. YUMMO. It was awesome after all these years to have burgers and dogs on the boat.

After dinner I snapped a few pictures of other boats and as the sun was going down. We had a few laughs and a few drinks. It was time to wait for the fireworks to begin.

My boys

Our little family

I wanna know what that kind of life is like. I want a tv, air conditioning and money to burn and live with a boat like that for a while. LOL

The DNR boat.

The barge with all of the fireworks.

Red being funny.

Getting closer to darkness. Yay!

I thought this was kind of a cool picture.

Seriously, does life get better than this? Seriously?

It's not a party without a disco light. LOL

Time for fireworks. Dang, it got cold and we didn't bring any extra clothes. Thankfully, we have a sleeping bag on board. Todd, Will and I all bundled up together.

The fireworks ended about 10:30 and we made our way back up the river to our marina. Poor Will was out cold.

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LJ said...

Oh, you make me wish we were boaters! That looks like so much fun. Love the pic of Will sleeping!