Thursday, April 9, 2009

Positive motivation

Last fall I packed up all of my summer clothes and put them away to make room for my maternity clothes in my closet. Today I pulled them back out and packed up the maternity clothes. I also had 2 bags of clothes a friend of mine passed down to me when she lost weight. Unfortunately for me, when I got home with the clothes, they had all been too small. So I packed them away.

Welp, they fit. They're a full clothing size smaller than I was wearing before I got pregnant. Actually, when I got pregnant, my current size was too tight anyway. So in reality, they're 2 sizes smaller than I was wearing when I got pregnant last July.
That feels awesome.
Only thing that will feel better is when they're all too big for me to wear!
I've been working out, also. I did 3 thirty minute workouts on the treadmill this week - Mon/Tues/Wed. I even ran 2 of the days. It felt great to get back to running. I can't wait to push it up to running a full mile. Today I took it easy and did a lower body workout video online (via youtube - gotta love it) and I'm taking the boys for a stroller ride around the block in a bit.

Todd will be home next week and I'm planning on hitting the gym for the first time. I figure if I nurse Evan and top him off well, I can run out for an hour and a half to go workout. Worst case, there's pumped milk in the freeze for Todd to give him. It'll feel good to get out for an hour and exercise my muscles.
I've set a goal for myself - I'm going to do a Sprint Tri this summer. The one I've selected is a 200 yard swim, a 7.5 mile bike and a 2.5 mile run. That's pretty much as small of a triathlon as you can get, so I think it's a good start. If that one goes well in July, then there's another in August. It's a 200 yard swim, a 9 mile bike and a 3 mile run.
Once I get released at my 6 week PP checkup, that'll give me just over 2 months to train. I'm going to go to spinning classes and swim laps at the gym. I just need to find a bike to use for the actual races.

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