Wednesday, August 12, 2009

40 pounds

I can't believe it. 40 pounds are gone. Gone forever. I feel like a new person. My goal is getting close enough that it is in sight.
I've been working out like a mad women - 6 days a week. Running and strength training. But the weight has been coming off very slowly. I haven't been watching what I've been eating as much. So I'm back on track and following weight watchers. I've done it enough over the years to know what I'm doing and how to get results with it. So, off we go.

I have 16 pounds to go to get to my "goal weight", but would love to lose another 10 after that. I'll take the 16 and anything else after that is gravy. And I like gravy. LOL

Above is a picture of me that Todd took last night. I'm down 3 clothing sizes and will hopefully lose another 2.


Vinca Leaf Quilts said...

Geez, sexy! Look at you, 40 pounds lighter! :D Thumbs up, and I'm right behind you!

(heh, ok not right behind...but somewhere back here!)

Melissa said...

Lookin awesome girl! Love it! Please send some of that motivation my way!!!